• Brand: mqsource X-UAV
Farmer's Drone Propeller,8-axis 10kg


8my-10 original one-piece eight rotor design, cost-effective, the flight safety, high efficiency, high strength lightweight carbon fiber frame, adopts aviation aluminum CNC finishing machine arm folding fittings, without disassembly, use efficient and convenient, plant protection is small and medium farmers for private use oreppo flying brigade good choice.

10L payload

2 acres/10min

Maximum efflciency

The powerful propulsion system enables the 8MY-10 to carry up to 5kg of liquid payloads, including pesticide and fertilizer. The combination of speed and power means that an area of 4,000-6,000 m2 can be covered in just 10 minutes, or 40 to 60 times faster than manual spraying operations. The intelligent spraying system automatically adjusts its spray according to the flying speed so that an even spray is always applied. This way, the amount of pesticide or fertilizer is precisely regulated to avoid pollution and economize operations.


Motor side span 1450, configuration professional high pressure spray 4 ~ 5, spray width 3 ~ 4 meters.

Atomized spraying

All round spraying

High coverage efficiency

Terrain follow

By integrating a microwave radar together with the 8MY-10's intelligent flight control system, the aircraft is able to scan the below terrain in real-time, and adjust to keep a constant, centimeter accurate, height above crops. Spray density is maintained even as the terrain rises and drops, so that the optimal amount of liquid is applied at all times.

Technical features

Diagonal motor spacing

Max take-offweight

Wooden packaging size (L x W x H)

The whole machine net quality

Max effective load

Liquid tank capacity

Max rate of climb

The highest speed

Flight radius(semi-automatic)

Battery life
No-load 12 minutes\full 10 kg liquid flight 10 minutes

Working temperature

The wind resistance
Level 3

Take-offand landing approach
The automatic take-off andlanding/Artificial auxiliary

Pump form
Diaphragm pump

Power battery
Lithium-ion polymer battery 8000 mah 22.2 V* 4

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