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Your Premier Sourcing Partner

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About Mqsource

Welcome to – Your Trusted China Sourcing Agency in navigating China sourcing complexities and propelling your success

  • At MQsource, we excel in providing exceptional sourcing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

  • As a leading China sourcing agency, we streamline your procurement process, saving you time, money, and effort.

  • With years of experience and a strong network of trusted suppliers, we deliver high-quality products tailored to your needs.

  • We specialize in industrial items, electronic components, tools, and lighting, etc sourcing.


At Mqsource, our dedicated team of experts manages the entire supply chain, from developing new product specifications to sourcing factories, quoting prices, prototyping products, and negotiating with manufacturers.

We recognize the challenges international businesses face when importing goods from China, including tracking production, inspection, packaging, and shipping. That’s why Mqsource steps in, providing unwavering assistance and support at every stage of the process.


Located in the vibrant city of Yiwu, Mqsource draws strength from its rich cultural heritage and diverse business environment. Our strategic location in this historic city makes us the ideal choice for entrepreneurs seeking to kickstart their start-ups.

With years of experience in the sourcing and distribution industry, we have proudly served thousands of businesses across 60 countries worldwide. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service remains unwavering, just as it was when we embarked on this journey. We are eager to collaborate with you and empower your business to thrive and succeed.

Our journey began in 2008 when I worked as a Product Engineer in a design company in Shenzhen. Faced with the difficulty of finding reliable sources for materials, I founded Mqsource to bridge this gap and ensure businesses have access to top-quality sourcing solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

Find Solutions for Hassle-Free Sourcing

What makes Mqsource stand out from other sourcing agencies?2023-07-20T13:15:21+00:00

Mqsource stands out for its comprehensive approach to sourcing, dedication to quality assurance, and strong relationships with reliable suppliers. Our team of experts has extensive experience in diverse industries, making us a trusted partner for businesses seeking seamless and successful sourcing from China.

Can you assist with private labeling and customized packaging?2023-07-20T13:14:51+00:00

Absolutely! We understand the importance of branding and offer support for private labeling and customized packaging solutions. Our team can work with you and the suppliers to create packaging that reflects your brand identity and enhances your product presentation.

How much does your product sourcing service cost?2023-07-20T13:13:53+00:00

Our service fees depend on the scope and complexity of your sourcing needs. We provide different pricing options and customized quotes based on the specific services required. Rest assured that our pricing is competitive and transparent, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

What are your shipping and logistics options?2023-07-20T13:12:13+00:00

We offer flexible shipping and logistics solutions to suit your needs. Whether you require air freight, sea freight, courier services, or a combination of shipping methods, we can arrange reliable and cost-effective transportation to your desired destination.

How do you ensure product quality and supplier reliability?2023-07-20T13:11:17+00:00

At Mqsource, product quality and supplier reliability are of utmost importance to us. We conduct thorough supplier evaluations, including factory inspections and background checks, to ensure they meet our high standards. Additionally, we provide quality inspection services to check products before shipment to guarantee their conformity to your specifications.

Can Mqsource source any type of product from China?2023-07-20T13:10:17+00:00

Yes, we have experience sourcing various types of products from different industries, including electronics, industrial supplies, tools, automotive parts, and more. Whether you need standard products or custom-made items, we can assist you in finding the right suppliers.

How does the product sourcing process work with Mqsource?2023-07-20T13:09:41+00:00

To start the product sourcing process with Mqsource, you can submit your product requirements and specifications to us. Our team of experts will then research and identify suitable manufacturers or suppliers based on your needs. We will negotiate prices, handle sample arrangements, and ensure product quality before proceeding with bulk orders.

What is Mqsource, and what services do you provide?2023-07-20T13:06:54+00:00

Mqsource is a professional product-sourcing agency based in China. We specialize in helping businesses find and procure a wide range of products from reliable suppliers. Our services include product sourcing, supplier evaluation, quality inspection, shipping, logistics support, etc.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

“Working with MQsource was a game-changer for our business. Their sourcing expertise and efficient processes helped us save time and money, and the products we received were of exceptional quality.”


“We were skeptical about sourcing from China initially, but MQsource proved to be a reliable partner. Their team guided us through the entire process and ensured we got exactly what we needed. Highly recommended!”


“MQsource’s attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is impressive. They helped us find unique products and handled all logistics seamlessly. It’s been a pleasure to work with them.”


“As a startup, we needed a sourcing partner we could trust. MQsource exceeded our expectations by delivering high-quality products on time and within budget. We couldn’t be happier.”


“The personalized service we received from MQsource was exceptional. They took the time to understand our needs and delivered tailored solutions that perfectly fit our requirements.”


“Choosing MQsource was one of the best decisions we made for our import business. Their transparent pricing and reliable shipping services have made them our go-to sourcing partner.”


“MQsource’s attention to detail and rigorous quality inspections have helped us maintain high standards for our customers. They’ve become an essential part of our supply chain.”


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