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With our free consultation and quotation, as well as our PRO sourcing service and extra support for your imports, you can trust us to be your go-to sourcing company. No experience needed, we’ll guide you every step of the way..

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Discover top manufacturers and receive FREE quotes from a wide range of suppliers, streamlining your procurement process effortlessly.

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Navigate import, export, compliance, and certifications with ease. Our team provides comprehensive guidance and advice at absolutely no cost to you.

Assured Quality at Every Step

Choose between General or Sampling Inspections tailored to your needs. We not only identify any issues but also negotiate with suppliers and arrange skilled workers to rectify defects.

Free Warehousing for Seamless Operations

Optimize storage and logistics with our complimentary warehouse space. Consolidate products from multiple suppliers and enjoy cost-effective shipping solutions.

Efficient Door-to-Door Shipping

Unlock affordable and reliable shipping options tailored to your requirements. We take the hassle out of finding the best carriers, ensuring your products reach your doorstep promptly.

Streamlined Production Management

Save valuable time and costs by entrusting us with meticulous production oversight. We ensure adherence to guidelines, resulting in flawless outcomes and enhanced efficiency.

Captivating Product Photography

Enhance your product’s visual appeal with our affordable and eye-catching photography services. Choose from Basic/Premium Product Photography or opt for Lifestyle Product Photography.

Customization Made Easy

Achieve your desired design and branding effortlessly. Our low-cost customization solutions in China eliminate unnecessary expenses, allowing you to maximize both time and resources.

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  • New materials-Composite material, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc new materials or parts

  • New Energy-New Energy EV Car Parts, PV Solar Items, etc clean energy items

  • New Technology-RC Drones/3D Printing or any other new technology item development
  • Electronic ComponentTransistors, Integrated circuits, Microchips, Capacitors, Resistors, connectors etc.

  • Electronic equipmentElectronic scales and electronic testing or analyzing equipment, etc

  • Tools-Power tools, hand tools, machine tools or professional tools.

  • Industrial supplies-Chemicals, building materials, and machinery supplies & accessories
  • Auto & Moto PartsCar and motorcycle parts, accessories, repair kits, power supply, etc

  • Lights & Lighting-LED lights, Flashlight, LED Bulbs & Tubes, Strip Light etc lighting Items

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Unlock Your Product Potential: Partner with us for manufacturing, packaging customization, and branding solutions to meet your e-commerce (Shopify, Amazon) requirements. Minimum investment of $500.

Fuel Your Medium to Large Business Growth

Unlock Exclusive Benefits, including Reduced Service Rates, Favorable Payment Terms

Expand Your Product Range: Partner with us to access a diverse array of products, leveraging our extensive network and expertise to drive your business forward.

Transform Your Product Vision into Reality

From Concept to Completion, We’ll Guide You Every Step of the Way.

Realize Your Product Idea: Partner with us if you have a product idea (Kickstarter, crowdfunding) and the financial resources but are unsure where to begin. We provide comprehensive guidance, from prototyping to final product development.

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No Export Experience Needed, We’ll Guide You Every Step of the Way.

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