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Basic Plan: Who is it For?

Quality-Conscious Entrepreneurs

For those who prioritize product quality and want to ensure defect-free items, our Basic Plan’s general quality inspection service is a perfect fit.

Growing Businesses

As your business expands, our Basic Plan offers a cost-effective way to optimize your supply chain while benefiting from comprehensive sourcing support.

Budget-Savvy Start-ups

Start-ups looking to source products without exceeding budget constraints can utilize our Basic Plan’s affordable services.

E-commerce Sellers

If you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur looking to streamline your sourcing and shipping processes, our Basic Plan provides valuable assistance.

Product Testers

Businesses testing new product lines or conducting market trials can rely on our Basic Plan to help minimize risk and ensure product quality.

Customization Seekers

If you’re considering product customization or branding, our Basic Plan offers a platform to explore these options while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

Importing Beginners

New to importing from China? Our Basic Plan provides guidance, ensuring a smoother experience while handling import processes and customs.

Efficient Warehousing

Businesses seeking to optimize storage and shipping can take advantage of our Basic Plan’s free warehouse use to consolidate and ship products economically.

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Get Quotes for Your Items & Project

Step 1. Submit Your Request

To get started, simply fill out the inquiry form on our website. Provide us with detailed information about the items or projects you need quotes for, including specifications, quantities, and any other relevant details.

Step 2. Expert Sourcing

Our experienced sourcing team will review your request and begin the process of finding suitable suppliers for your items or projects. We have a vast network of trusted manufacturers and suppliers in various industries, ensuring that you receive the best options available.

Step 3. Receive Detailed Quotes

Within a short period, you’ll receive detailed quotes from the suppliers we’ve identified. These quotes will include the product pricing, shipping costs, and any other relevant fees or charges. We aim to provide transparent and comprehensive pricing information.

Step 4. Compare and Decide

Once you have received the quotes, you can compare them and evaluate the options based on your budget and requirements. Our sourcing agents are available to assist you in understanding the quotes and answering any questions you may have.

Step 5. Choose the Best Deal

After careful consideration, select the supplier and quote that best aligns with your needs. If needed, we can also help with negotiations to ensure you get the most competitive price for your items or projects.

Arrange Samples: Find Your Perfect Match

Step 1. Selecting Promising Suppliers

From the list of quotes, our team will help you identify the most promising suppliers based on their pricing, quality, and ability to meet your requirements. We will consider various factors to ensure that you are presented with the best options.

Step 2. Requesting Samples

Once the top suppliers are identified, we will initiate the process of requesting samples from them. Our experienced agents will handle all the communication and follow-ups to ensure a smooth and efficient sample acquisition process.

Step 3. Prompt Delivery

We understand the importance of timely delivery. Our team will monitor the sample shipments closely, keeping you informed at every stage. Rest assured that we work diligently to minimize any delays and expedite the sample delivery.

Step 4. In-depth Evaluation

Once you receive the samples from the selected suppliers, it’s your turn to take a closer look. At this stage, you have the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate each item based on your specified criteria. Our goal is to empower you to make well-informed decisions about the suitability of the samples for your project.

Step 5. Expert Guidance

Throughout your sample evaluation process, our knowledgeable team is here to offer guidance and support. If you have any questions, need clarification, or seek insights, we’re just a message away. We understand the importance of this stage in your sourcing journey and are committed to helping you navigate it with confidence.

Collect Samples from Your Suppliers

Step 1. Supplier Collaboration

Working closely with your selected suppliers, we coordinate the collection of samples directly from their locations. Our dedicated team ensures open communication and collaboration to streamline the process.

Step 2. Efficient Shipping

We consolidate the samples from different suppliers into a single shipment, effectively reducing shipping costs and minimizing transit times. Our expertise in international shipping allows us to navigate logistics seamlessly.

Quality Inspection Ensuring Defect-Free Items

Step 1. Pre-Inspection Planning

As your order approaches completion, our dedicated team prepares for the inspection process, ensuring we have a thorough understanding of your product specifications and requirements.

Step 2. Randomized Inspection

A representative 1-2% of your products is carefully selected for inspection. This random sampling ensures an unbiased assessment of the overall product quality. For those seeking even more meticulous quality assessment, consider exploring our Extra Service options for a deeper level of inspection.

Step 3. Rigorous Assessment

Our skilled inspectors meticulously review each sampled item, performing comprehensive tests to detect defects. Should any issues arise, our agents promptly provide you with a detailed report outlining the concerns identified.

Step 4. Proactive Issue Resolution

Should any problems be detected, our team takes immediate action. We engage with your suppliers to resolve issues before your products leave China, ensuring a smooth and expedient resolution process.

One-month Free warehousing service

Extend for just $10/m³/month after 1 month

Consolidated Shipments

Streamline your operations by collecting samples from multiple suppliers and centralizing their transportation. Our experts ensure efficient consolidation, leading to reduced shipping costs.

Professional Repackaging

Enhance shipping efficiency and safety through our meticulous repackaging process. Your products undergo professional repackaging, optimizing space utilization and ensuring secure transportation.

Accurate Dimensional Checks

Our professionals carefully recheck dimensions and weights, ensuring accurate shipping costs and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Safe Storage

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with storing your products in our secure warehouse, safeguarded by stringent security measures.

Shipping Cost Savings

By harnessing our warehousing expertise, you benefit from cost savings that result from strategic consolidation, repackaging, and accurate weight assessments.

Door to Door Shipping Solutions

Diverse Delivery Options

We understand that different businesses require different shipping methods. Our detailed comparison of sea, air, and courier delivery options will help you make an informed choice based on factors such as cost, speed, and product type. Whether you’re seeking cost savings or rapid delivery, we have the right solution for you.

Competitive Sample Shipping Rates

Experience our exclusive sample shipping channels, delivering worldwide with express-like speed. Unlike traditional billing based on 500g units, our channels offer cost savings by billing per gram, making your shipping more efficient and budget-friendly.

Safely Ship Sensitive Goods

For delicate items like pure batteries, powders, and liquids, we’ve curated dedicated shipping channels. These channels ensure secure and timely delivery, tailored to your specific timeline and needs.

Navigating Customs and Duties

Count on us for a deep understanding of customs and duty policies. We guide you to avoid clearance issues and minimize unnecessary tariff expenses. Your shipment stays on track with our expertise.

Boost Shipment Security

We help you arrange transportation insurance to protect against loss or damage in transit. Our dedicated support ensures a smooth claims process, providing you with the reassurance you need.

Consultation on Import/Export Policies

Import/Export Policy Consultation

Our experts provide in-depth guidance on China’s import and export regulations, including documentation requirements, licensing, and compliance. We help you understand the legal framework and procedures to smoothly navigate customs and trade processes.

Import/Export Tariff Analysis

Determining the applicable tariffs for your products is vital for budgeting and pricing decisions. We offer detailed tariffs advise to help you understand the tax implications of your imports and exports, enabling you to make informed financial choices.

Product Testing and Certification Consultation

Ensuring your products meet the necessary standards and certifications is crucial for successful cross-border trade. Our consultation service advises you on the required product testing, quality certifications, and compliance measures, ensuring your products meet international standards

Customs Procedures Optimization

Efficient customs procedures can save time and costs. Our experts analyze your supply chain and recommend strategies to streamline customs clearance, reduce delays, and minimize associated expenses.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Determining the applicable tariffs for your products is vital for budgeting and pricing decisions. We offer detailed tariffs advise to help you understand the tax implications of your imports and exports, enabling you to make informed financial choices.

Unlock Your Sourcing Potential with Our Basic Plan

Discover the Benefits
of Our Basic Plan

Reduce Procurement Time by Over 50%

Liberate yourself from the shackles of time. While traditional supplier sourcing often consumes 4-6 weeks to secure samples, our Basic Plan streamlines the process to a remarkable 1-2 weeks, allowing you to focus unwaveringly on your core business pursuits.

Reducing Language and Communication Barriers

Frequent communication with Chinese factories often involves challenges such as delayed feedback, language barriers, and negotiation difficulties. That’s where a procurement expert comes in – to facilitate effective communication, bridge the gap, and provide you with timely and accurate updates on the real situation.

Proactively Addressing Product Issues

Unlike typical procurement processes that always find issues upon receiving goods, our quality inspection service takes a proactive approach. By addressing potential problems before shipment, we significantly reduce costs and ensure a smoother procurement experience.

Outstanding Quality Control

Experience exceptional quality control with the meticulous inspection of every single order, all at an incredibly low cost. When it comes to quality, the production process we oversee may well be the most consistent and reliable you’ve encountered.

Swift Warehousing & Logistics

Our Basic Plan offers a free one-month storage period with efficient order consolidation and repackaging. Benefit from diverse door-to-door shipping options and let us handle any shipping-related challenges.

Your Long-Term Sourcing Partner

We value every customer, no matter the order size, aiming to establish lasting partnerships. Unlike other Chinese suppliers and procurement agents, if you receive defective products, we strive to provide compensation and minimize your losses.

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