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New Material

Looking for composite materials, carbon fiber, glass fiber, or other cutting-edge materials? Look no further. Our expertise lies in helping clients source new and innovative materials, connecting them with the perfect suppliers. Whether it’s for prototyping or production, we have you covered with a wide range of materials and production technologies. Let us guide you to the materials that will bring your projects to life.

New Energy

As renewable energy gains momentum worldwide, we take pride in assisting numerous customers in adopting clean energy solutions. From sourcing New Energy EV Car Parts to PV Solar Items and other clean energy products, we are dedicated to helping you embrace a sustainable future. Join the clean energy movement and make a positive impact on the environment with our diverse range of eco-friendly items.

New Technology

Sourcing new technology items can be a complex task that demands experience and time. At Mqsource, we have years of expertise in this field, ensuring you get the value you deserve. Whether it’s RC Drones, 3D Printing, or any other cutting-edge technology, we’ve got you covered. Embrace innovation and stay ahead with our curated selection of new technology items.

Electronic Components

Power up your electronic projects with our wide selection of electronic components. From Transistors and Integrated Circuits to Microchips, Capacitors, Resistors, Connectors, and more, we offer replacements for top brands without compromising on quality. Experience the perfect blend of reliability and affordability as you find the components you need to bring your electronic visions to life.

Electronic equipment

Discover a wide array of electronic equipment sourcing solutions with us. From batteries and chargers to mounts and cases, we’ve got you covered. Simplify your sourcing process and find all the electronic equipment you need in one place. Let us be your reliable partner in procuring top-quality electronic components for your projects.


Say goodbye to unreliable suppliers and impractical designs when sourcing tools. At Mqsource, we offer a seamless solution to find the power tools, hand tools, machine tools, or professional tools your business requires. Benefit from our extensive selection of top-quality tools, and experience the convenience of saving time and money on your projects. Let us be your trusted partner in obtaining the tools that drive your success.

Industrial Supplies

From chemicals and building materials to machinery supplies and accessories, we make sourcing industrial supplies effortlessly. With our vast network of expert suppliers and manufacturers, we swiftly discover the best prices and top-quality products, enabling you to meet project deadlines with ease. Whatever materials or equipment you require, our dedicated team is committed to delivering competitive pricing and excellent support. Experience seamless procurement for your industrial needs with us.

Auto & Moto Parts

At Mqsource, we specialize in finding and procuring the car, motorcycle, and other vehicle parts you require. Our experienced purchasing agents work tirelessly to swiftly source the exact part or accessory for any model or year of vehicle, all at competitive prices. Rest assured, with Mqsource, you’ll always receive top-quality parts for your vehicles. Let us be your trusted partner in fulfilling all your automotive needs.

Lights & Lighting

Mqsource simplifies your search for the perfect lighting products. From LED lights and flashlights to LED bulbs & tubes and strip lights, our wide selection of suppliers and manufacturers ensures you quickly find the ideal match for your needs. Say goodbye to time-consuming searches through multiple vendors – with Mqsouce, all your lighting options are conveniently available in one place. Let us light up your projects with top-quality lighting solutions.

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