Flexible pricing options

We ensure only best sourcing services for our clients



Free Plan

Start sourcing without cost, No Hidden Charges

What’s Included
  • Get quotes for Your Items & Project

  • Arrange Samples

  • Collect Samples From China Supplier

  • Consultation on import/export Policy



Basic Plan

We handle Inspection, Warehouse & Shipping for You

What’s Included
  • Free general quality inspection

  • Free warehouse 1 month

  • Arrange delivery to door via courier, sea/air freight

  • Get quotes/Solution for Your Items & Project

  • Arrange Samples

  • Collect Samples From China Supplier

  • Consultation on import/export compliance

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Pro Plan

Enjoy all premium services, Save more with bulk order

What’s Included
  • Follow up production.

  • Customize products and packagings.

  • Offer private-label solutions

  • Free product photography for eCommerce

  • Free general quality inspection.
  • Free warehouse 2 months.
  • Arrange delivery to door via courier, sea/air freight.
  • Get quotes for Your Items & Project
  • Arrange Samples
  • Collect Samples From China Supplier
  • Consultation on import/export compliance


Extra Services

All Service You’ll need to make purchase easier and cheaper

What’s Included
  • One by One Full Inspection
  • Factory Audits
  • Design packaging, labels, etc.
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Product video
  • Product Re-packing/bundle/labeling
  • Hire labor in China
  • Other Service Required

Free Plan

If you’re a new business owner or seeking to expand by sourcing products from China,
our free service plan is tailor-made for you.

No investment required – This plan is entirely free. Just submit your query, and our dedicated agent or executive will assist you, providing answers and guidance at no cost.

Get quotes for Your Items & projects – We’ll source potential suppliers for your items and projects based on your requirements. Our agent will furnish complete shipping, customs duty, and product cost details.

Arrange Samples – Evaluate products before bulk ordering. Our agent will help arrange samples, minimizing costs and risks.

Collect Samples From China Suppliers – Trust our agent to collect and inspect product samples, shipping them in one cost-effective package to you.

Consultation on import/export Policy – Take advantage of our free consultancy services on import/export policies, taxes, compliance, and certifications.

Basic Plan

Let us streamline your sourcing process by handling inspection,
warehouse, and shipping needs for you.

Our dedicated in-house inspection team not only assesses pass or fail but also negotiates with suppliers or arranges workers to fix any defects.

Enjoy our comprehensive services for a mere 5% service charge! (Commission fee: US$50 for payments under $500)

With the Basic Plan, you’ll receive the following services, in addition to those offered in the free plan:

General quality inspection – We inspect 1-2% of your products at random to ensure defect-free items. If any issues arise, our agents will capture pictures or videos and assist you in resolving the problems before shipping from China.

Free warehouse use – Benefit from 30 days of free use of our warehouse in China. Send your products frequently, and we’ll consolidate and ship them together, optimizing shipping costs.

Arrange delivery to your door – We offer competitive shipping rates for courier, air freight, sea freight, and train shipping from China to your desired location. Our services also include handling the import system and customs process.

Pro Plan (The Most Preferred Choice)

With the Pro Plan, we go above and beyond to support you, from sourcing to delivery.
Enjoy our premium services, and save valuable time and money on bulk ordering.

In addition to the services offered in the Basic Plan, our Pro Plan offers the following exceptional features:

Follow-up production – Rest assured that your products will be meticulously crafted to the highest standards and delivered on time. A dedicated agent will coordinate with the factory on your behalf, ensuring your specifications are met, sparing you time and effort.

Customize products and packaging – Our dedicated agent will assist you in creating a private label or adding your logo to the products, even for smaller purchasing amounts. Our extensive network of packaging suppliers offers competitive prices and efficient processing, delivering tailored packaging solutions to suit your needs.

Offer free photography – For e-Commerce buyers and business owners, we provide up to three white background product photos suitable for platforms like Amazon and other e-Commerce channels. Say goodbye to high prices and the hassle of coordinating with photographers; we’ve got you covered.

Extra Service

We offer our clients additional services beyond the basic and pro plans,
including a package of Extra sourcing services.

One-on-one product inspection – Our agent will be able to check each and every product individually as per your need and charge a very reasonable price if you have every product expensive and want to ship that product from China. By choosing this service, you will reduce the product defect rate by 0% and receive nothing but superior quality products. This process is the best solution for Amazon FBA or online sellers.

Factory audit/inspection–Our on-site inspection services are second to none. We can travel to any factory in China and provide a complete report, detailing any issues that we find. Our prices are very reasonable, starting at just $250 per person per day for 8 hours of work.

Packaging and graphic design – Our graphic designer can help you change your product’s label, logo, or packaging. We charge a reasonable fee for each piece of work, which saves you time and money.

Lifestyle photography – We can provide low-cost lifestyle photography if you need it. This type of photography is more detailed and challenging, so you’ll need to tell us more about what you’re looking for in order to get an accurate quote.

Product video – We specialize in creating high-quality product videos with a white background or in a lifestyle setting. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create the perfect video for your needs.

Dropshipping fulfillment – In today’s dropshipping business world, it is more important than ever for sellers to find unique products that will help them stand out from the competition. That’s why we offer OEM/ODM dropshipping services to help you grow your business.

Offer any labor work – If you are in need of assistance with any sort of packing, bundling, labeling, or sticker work, we are more than happy to help. Our labor rate is just $5 per hour for the complete service.

More – Contact us if you need more creative services.